Customized Arcade Game Machine

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Customized Arcade Game Machine

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Product description of Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet
Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet can gives you unlimited energy, enjoys the fruits of victory, lets you declare the sovereignty of the competition.

Product parameters of Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet
Product NameBoxing Champion
Product TypeArcade game machine
SizeW 138*D 97 *H 230锛圕M)
Voltage220 V
Power115 W
Suitable Placesgame center,carnival,shopping mall,school,
Warranty1 year& life long technical support

How to play
After the coin is put in, the punch target on the machine will automatically spring up. When the punch target stops stably and there is a prompt sound, it can be calculated that the punch is effective. Otherwise, the punch is invalid. One game can punch three times. If the punch is not produced within the specified time, it will be considered to give up this punch. The game will automatically enter the next punch test, and the strength of each punch will be displayed on the total score display board. If the sum of the three punches exceeds the maximum score displayed on the machine at that time, you will get the grand prize, and the light of the machine will flash with cheers.

Detailed introduction to each part of the Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet

Product details of Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet
1. Metal Cabinet with exquisite sticker.Gorgeous and cool appearance, make you prestigious.
2. Thickened boxing gloves.Gloves are made of thicker material to protect both hands when playing games with boxing.

Characteristics of Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet
1. This machine is a product of innovative design, with fast speed and good motion reliability.
2. Adjustable probability to adjust the difficulty of winning a prize.
3. Compact structure, simple adjustment and convenient maintenance. The shell is made of metal case and toughened glass with good mechanical performance.
4. Machine with its own boxing gloves wear-resistant, strong resistance, protection of both hands, not easily injured.
5. The four corners of the machine are equipped with movable wheels, which can be adjusted to fix/move conveniently and practically.
6. Fine appearance, round and smooth, fine workmanship, grinding feel.

Scene show of Boxing Champion Fighting game arcade cabinet
Suitable Places:game center,carnival,shopping mall,school,householdCustomized Arcade Game Machine