ID Karazhan

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ID Karazhan

Message par draqo » jeu. nov. 03, 2016 11:48 pm

Return to Karazhan

    Players who may have missed the final turn-in to Khadgar inside of the Return to Karazhan dungeon are now able to turn in “Fragments of the Past” and “In the Eye of the Beholder” to Khadgar outside of Karazhan.
    "In the Eye of the Beholder" and "The Tower of Power" should no longer fail to give players credit when defeating the final boss.
  (REQUIRES RESTARTS) When returning to a partially-cleared Karazhan, the bosses and associated minions that had previously been defeated by the party leader should now properly be absent, and other players with different boss lockouts should be able to join without issue.

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Re : ID Karazhan

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Pense au noob qui ne parle pas l'english